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Thread: Harewood Steam Rally

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    A little reminder nudge as the event is very soon. Enjoy yourselves if you are going.
    O M S

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    Thanks OMS it was very good. The Harley Davidson convoy was amazing too.

    Did you get anywhere yourself this weekend?

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    It's good to see that you enjoyed yourself at Harewood Ladybirder. As for us, we've been up in Glasgow this past week so have missed all the Harrogate, Harewood, etc events.
    O M S

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    Glasgow hey! that would have been lovely

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    A county fair takes place at Harewood this coming weekend if anyones interested. I shall be venturing then going shopping to leeds sunday with lunch in Harvey Nichols.

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    For anyone interested in events at Harewood a link was put up earlier in this thread.

    Enjoy your weekend Ladybirder.

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    Thanks john I certainly will. You too whatever you do :-)

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