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Thread: Plans for 1,000 new homes

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    I love going around new houses, that special smell - new carpets and freshly painted walls etc. Lovely I've still registered as a no though. Not much enthusiasm for new houses in Harrogate is there!

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    [Not much enthusiasm for new houses in harrogate is there!]

    Absolutely agree with you 100%, HG.

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    I'm new here but I will without hesitation put my vote toward the No, I do not want more houses built in my area.


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    I like your alias' Anne Cestor'. Hope you don't live in the pannal area because the rumours are there's a 100 houses waiting to be built at the back of the old dunlopillo site. That'll be that area ruined! and more congestion on the leeds road and a new ratrun going through the village. It's absolutely crazy. I'm hating harrogate more and more it's just like a concrete jungle at 300 mile an hour now. Horrible. I can see why it's known as the 2nd worst polluted town in the uk. Not surprised at all, and it will get much worse.

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    So Ladybirder, what would you change about Harrogate? Have you ever attempted to change the things you seem to so despise about the town? I've read your comments on the boards and they mostly appear to be very negative about the town. There must be something postitive, no matter how small, you can say about the town where you have lived for all your 40 something years. There are many people who like myself love Harrogate and find it a desirable place to live and visit.
    O M S

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    what makes you come on these boards birder?

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    Reminder: Please could everyone keep to the subject of the thread. If you wish to deviate from the main discussion then a new thread should be started.

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    whoops soz I'll try my best to remember.

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    There was more discussion about the proposed plans and the Pannal residents objections at locating some of the housing there not so long ago. I hope the council see sense.

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    Opposition to the plans is continuous Beverly. There are so many unhappy people.
    O M S

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