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Thread: March: Valley Gardens

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    March: Valley Gardens

    The Valley Gardens are another place I always like to visit in Harrogate. The daffodils were very impressive.

    The first three photos are of the Sun Pavillion

    Valley Gardens 1.jpg

    Valley Gardens 2.jpg

    Valley Gardens 3.jpg

    The following two photos are of daffodils (and a few crocuses scattered in between) in the Gardens ...

    Valley Gardens 4.jpg

    Valley Gardens 5.jpg

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    A couple more photos of the daffodils in the Valley Gardens ...

    Valley Gardens 6.jpg

    Valley Gardens 7.jpg

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    wot gorgeous pics. thumbs up from moi harrogate does have some super days, glad the weather was gud for your visit. I got some daffs from sainsbugs the other day I think it was - 99p or somat like that.

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    It sounds as though you got a good bargain with your daffodils mags.

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    Those daffs would chear anyone up. Beautiful photos John! Thank you for showing them.
    O M S

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